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Magazine template a4 6620 collection

Magazine template a4 6620 collection images

.12 Pages A4
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Macro photos - inspiration comes from the smallest details

In this article we are going to discover world of macro photography. For your inspiration we selected most colorful summer shots of nature, insects, plants and many more.

Probably looking on these stunning pictures you will find new ways to create your own works. Of course, we assume that you already have professional photo camera which helps a lot to create such kind of pics. So, lets take a look.
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Creative 404 pages design - don't get bored!

Today we would to show you our new compilation of creative 404 pages. Not the simple ones of course.

The role of these pages is very important for the website or blog since you have to make every effort to provide the user with information and send him in the right direction.

It should also be noted that the design of these pages should be unique, friendly and different from the standard design. While you are thinking about creating such pages in your projects, let's take a look at the various examples.
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Cool, elegant and simply stylish watches

In our modern days, when you can find out time when looking at the screen of your phone or on the computer's screen, watches have evolved into a stylish accessory.

Watch makers more often look into multi-million dollar contracts with famous designers or search out for a talented amateurs over the world for a single purpose - to attract the attention of the audience to a newly designed and produces watches.
We have prepared a selection of unique designer watches which were created just for that purpose. They have pretty simple design but looking so stylish though!
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Minimalism in photography - simplicity and infinity of ideas

Usually minimalism in design characterized by brevity in means of expression, simplicity, accuracy, and clarity of the composition.

This style is also can be applied to the pictures and photo shoots. Photos made with minimalism style effects are also differ in their simplicity.

But this does not mean that they are boring. In this article we have collected great examples of minimalist photos that can be a source of your inspiration.
Because sometimes, trying to fill every piece of a photo with various objects, lines, and shapes of people, we can greatly decrease its attractiveness. But it is not so simple to make minimalistic pictures.

These type of photos require a lot of attention to the correct location of the object in the frame. Let's see how it worked out for photographers.
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Great examples of the geometric photos

Usually there are no doubts, when it comes to the choice of the subject for photos. Most often photographers prefer fairly simple things or focus on the person, group of people, nature and architecture. And to be fair enough we can find thousands of stunning pictures even from beginners.

But things can be different. Just take a look on the the following pics and you'll see some of the greatest examples of geometric photos.
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Designing for mobile devices: key trends and new streams

Responsive design - one of the major trends that must be taken into consideration by web developers in the near future. Actually, they should have been looking into this now.

Web sites that are adapted to the mobile devices screens should be user-friendly, but look great not only on smartphones, but also on laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

The trends described in this article should be applied not only for mobile devices templates design, but also for a web design in general. So lets take a look!
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Stunning graphics and illustrations from Joe Fenton

Today we would like to introduce you to the works of an incredibly talented American artist - Joe Fenton. After studying sculpture at the School of Art in Wimbledon (London), he began working in the film industry at designer positions on world known studios such as Disney and Miramax.

A little later, he moved to New York and began creating astonishing pencil illustrations for children's books. Joe even received several awards for his amazing works.
Also he was among the top twenty finalists, who were chosen from thousands of applicants from across the U.S., and whose works were represented at the Art Miami Art Basel exhibition in Miami.

In Joe Fenton's illustrations you will be impressed not only by the size of paintings and unusual themes, but also by his attention to details. It is truly difficult to describe these illustrations using words - you just need to take a look on them.
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Professional design of wedding invitations - take a look and inspire!

Inspiration - is something which is not always coming on the first call. Well, we will try to call it! Today, we have prepared a selection of an amazing and different wedding invitations samples designs.

In this post we have collected the invitations for every taste. These samples, made by professionals have not only great colors schemas, but also a great typography.

Do not underestimate the role of invitations onto weddings, as they allow you to create initial mood and give guests a piece of warmth, love and creativity. We hope that they will be able to give you a bit of inspiration and ideas.
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Most incredible hotels interiors design made in trains and plains

Nowadays, many travelers visiting different countries, seeking not only for observing, discovering various parts of the world and amazing local sights, but also to stay at the most unusual, unique and sometimes even frightening hotels that can give them a new impressions and turn the trip into an unforgettable experience.

For example, in the UK, not far from the town of Chichester, visitors can enjoy staying at the "The Old Railway Station" hotel-train, which is located in the old railway station building, dating back to 1892 and built for the Prince of Wales. Designers re-decorated four Pullman railroad coaches, but retained its luxurious style. For living in this royal style hotel-train visitors will have to pay around 250-400 euros per day.


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