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Eva Longoria - elegant and passionate "kitty"

We have seen elegant Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives, on television, magazine covers and charity events, but rarely in the TV commercials. She played her roles pretty good, but of course her emotions were limited by scenarios, directors, etc. Movie process creation limitations, you know...

Well, there is one commercial, where we can see Eva's passion, charm and emotions uncovered - Sheba's cats food video ad. Why in this video? The story is simple - Eva is a huge cat lover, so she just had to play herself during the commercial filming.

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Eva Longoria - elegant and passionate "kitty"

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Eva accepted Sheba's offer for commercial filming without any doubts. When she was young - her family had 19 cats on their farm, but because of actresses career she is unable to keep cats at her house - travelling and staying too long out of home during filming processes make proper caring for pets almost impossible.

Filming of this advertising campaign became something special for Eva, because there mostly everything was invented and adjusted for her. She loves to dance and often does it at home, and almost as well as in the commercial video. And she loves cats. Work on the video was a great pleasure!

Eva Longoria - elegant and passionate "kitty"

FramesKingdom Pic 3. Avoiding extra effects

Eva Longoria - elegant and passionate "kitty"

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Eva Longoria - elegant and passionate "kitty"

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