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Macro photos - inspiration comes from the smallest details

In this article we are going to discover world of macro photography. For your inspiration we selected most colorful summer shots of nature, insects, plants and many more.

Probably looking on these stunning pictures you will find new ways to create your own works. Of course, we assume that you already have professional photo camera which helps a lot to create such kind of pics. So, lets take a look.
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Minimalism in photography - simplicity and infinity of ideas

Usually minimalism in design characterized by brevity in means of expression, simplicity, accuracy, and clarity of the composition.

This style is also can be applied to the pictures and photo shoots. Photos made with minimalism style effects are also differ in their simplicity.

But this does not mean that they are boring. In this article we have collected great examples of minimalist photos that can be a source of your inspiration.
Because sometimes, trying to fill every piece of a photo with various objects, lines, and shapes of people, we can greatly decrease its attractiveness. But it is not so simple to make minimalistic pictures.

These type of photos require a lot of attention to the correct location of the object in the frame. Let's see how it worked out for photographers.
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Great examples of the geometric photos

Usually there are no doubts, when it comes to the choice of the subject for photos. Most often photographers prefer fairly simple things or focus on the person, group of people, nature and architecture. And to be fair enough we can find thousands of stunning pictures even from beginners.

But things can be different. Just take a look on the the following pics and you'll see some of the greatest examples of geometric photos.
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Creative photo art from Erik Almas

We are happy to offer for your observation these impressive and creative photo shoots made by Erik Almas - talented professional photographer from Norway. At least this guy was born there.

If you're already familiar with his works so probably will find them out of his traditional style. Though, nothing is unusual - these pictures are "behind the scene" works.

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