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Creative 404 pages design - don't get bored!

Today we would to show you our new compilation of creative 404 pages. Not the simple ones of course.

The role of these pages is very important for the website or blog since you have to make every effort to provide the user with information and send him in the right direction.

It should also be noted that the design of these pages should be unique, friendly and different from the standard design. While you are thinking about creating such pages in your projects, let's take a look at the various examples.
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Designing for mobile devices: key trends and new streams

Responsive design - one of the major trends that must be taken into consideration by web developers in the near future. Actually, they should have been looking into this now.

Web sites that are adapted to the mobile devices screens should be user-friendly, but look great not only on smartphones, but also on laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

The trends described in this article should be applied not only for mobile devices templates design, but also for a web design in general. So lets take a look!
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Professional design of wedding invitations - take a look and inspire!

Inspiration - is something which is not always coming on the first call. Well, we will try to call it! Today, we have prepared a selection of an amazing and different wedding invitations samples designs.

In this post we have collected the invitations for every taste. These samples, made by professionals have not only great colors schemas, but also a great typography.

Do not underestimate the role of invitations onto weddings, as they allow you to create initial mood and give guests a piece of warmth, love and creativity. We hope that they will be able to give you a bit of inspiration and ideas.
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Old school style - handwritten text creation lesson

Today we are going to take look at how to create a beautiful handwriting fonts. During this lesson we will not be utilizing any software - for creating a letters you will need a pencil, ruler, ink (or marker) and of course a proper eraser.

Handwriting skills could be useful in the development of typography, logos and other design elements. Also, these kind of skills will make any designer feel more comfortable during a quick presentation or a meeting, where due to the lack of laptop in hands he will have to draw something showing the concept or an idea.

Well, let's get it done?

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Flat design - pure simplicity or a new trend?

World of design changes frequently and it's not unusual process - people want fresh ideas to get things moved, products promoted, customers satisfied. But when it happens globally - it's quite impressive to observe how a new idea or trend influences on the famous brands, companies product or advertisement style.

Flat design - the latest global trend, which forced many of the world's leading brands to change their products themes and views. Starting from Microsoft, Apple and Google and ending with an online blogs pages - everyone tries to follow flat simplicity, effect-less, minimalism and rich color design.

Lets observe main ideas and principles of the flat design methodology.

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